Mass Seating (send out to 7th/8th grade parents)

We strongly encourage you to attend the 6pm Mass as a family with your 7th or 8th grader. First, the message sent to your child by attending Mass together as a family is so beneficial to their own faith development. When you come to Mass as a family, you can sit anywhere in the church, socially distant from anyone outside your family. However, if you do not attend the 6pm Mass with your child, he/she will sit in the front socially distant from other students whose family members are also not at the 6pm Mass.
Video (send out to all parents of all grades) – just need to get the video done this week.
Please watch the video from Father Brian regarding the Religious Education program.
Parent Nights (send out to all parents of all grades)
The first parent night will be Tuesday, November 17th at 7pm at St. Mary’s. The second night will be Tuesday, December 8th at 7pm at St. Mary’s 
If possible for you as a family, your child does not need to attend with you. Of course, if arrangements aren’t possible, please bring your child with you. 
Beach Catholic Curriculum(send out to all grades)
Below is a link for the new Beach Catholic Curriculum. This curriculum includes the learning content and videos that will be used for our online and in-person classes throughout your child’s time in our program.
First Virtual Lessons for Online Learners (copy and paste link below for each grade) – only send lessons to online learners, NOT the in-person learners.