About BC Missions

BC MISSIONS is a new tri-parish missionary program established to evangelize a beach community on Long Island.

The MISSIONS program provides an evangelization opportunity for dynamic Catholic missionaries to enter into a local community and draw practicing/non-practicing parishioners, and non-Catholics as well, into the life of the Church. The TEAM will consist of college graduates with ministry experience who will focus heavily on relational ministry.

What We're Facing

The statistics are alarming:

4 out of 10 millennials say they have no religious affiliation – many say they’re “spiritual” but not religious meaning they’re thirsty, but they’re just not interested in what the Church is serving:

7 out of 10 Catholics do not believe in the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist:

8 out of 10 Catholics do not regularly attend mass and more than half of those under 30 have left the Church altogether.

There’s a spiritual longing amongst today’s youth – an emptiness they want to have filled. They have a hunger for community that’s palpable.

Mental health, suicide and hopelessness has skyrocketed, even before the pandemic began. There is a strong inverse correlation between mental health and our youth’s faith tanking.

Join the Missions

Applicants are invited to join the team on a year-to-year basis. Missionaries will be compensated and provided with community housing in Long Beach. Once accepted into the Beach Catholic Missions program, missionaries will serve full-time in particular areas of parish evangelization efforts, including:

Youth Ministry (Middle & High School)
Parish Social Ministry & Outreach (Food Pantry, Soup Kitchen, Case Work)
Faith Formation (K-8 Religious Education, LBCR School, Adult Education)
Summer Beach Masses
Sunday Masses & Monthly Holy Hours