BC Weddings

Congratulations on your engagement and know that the Beach Catholic team is excited for you and here to help plan your ceremony!

The first step in planning your wedding mass or ceremony is to call the Tri-Parish rectory at (516) 432-0045 or email them at rectory@beachcatholic.com.

Once you have contacted the rectory, they will direct you to one of our parish priests/deacons who will work with you in arranging your ceremony or wedding mass. Upon meeting with one of our priests/deacons, you will be given a copy of our wedding planning guide, which can also be found below!

Immediately following your initial meeting with the priest or deacon, please make sure to contact our Coordinator of Wedding Music, Katrina Montagna at (516) 732-1692 or beachcatholic.choir@gmail.com. Music suggestions and options can be found in the document below. 

Wedding readings can be found in the wedding planning guide you will receive upon your initial meeting with our clergy, which can also be found below.

All couples must partake in Pre-Cana, the Catholic Church’s preparatory program for couples who seek to be married in the Church. Beach Catholic offers our own Pre-Cana class! See http://beachcatholic.com/precana to register.